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  1. I agree with frumpy, really loved the first one there, nothing wrong with the second but like he said a bit short. Great stuff! Apparently they have some other albums "Lo-fi tapes" or something, can't seem to find those though

  2. Anyone know what the album art connection is? The latest Valley of the Sun album's got the exact same theme going on, so I'm curious what the meaning is.

  3. a lot more stuff here.

    Depths is a one-take recording, "released" to promote a special show the band did with some fellow danish bands playing space/kraut-rock.
    Normally Hedgehogs is a psych/garage-band playing vile austin-psych inspired garage-rock.
    The space-rock show was a unique thing, that might be done again at some point, but for now the band is focusing on getting their first LP released, with their written material, and therefore putting the far-out jammed material back on the shelf for a while.

    Depths is totally improvised. The reason there isn't more lenght or more tracks is because the band only had two hours to set up recording-gear, record and take it down.
    Its funny, the album was a funny little thing to do. The band didn't put much effort into promotion and production. A physical copy actually doesn't exist. Same thing with the cover, as i did. I listened to the Valley of the Sun and couldn't get the picture out of my head and i visualised it when i closed my eyes while listening to depths, so i did a quick edited version of the same cover, simply because there was no time to make something extraordinary before the show.

    At some point Hedgehogs will play and record more of this stuff, with better production and more thought and effort layed into it.

  4. Couple of points… First, the bandcamp link does take you to their page where more recordings are available. But their debut album – Our Minds Dyed Yesterday – is a completely vocal recording, unlike Depths or The Heights (available at that same bandcamp link). So if you're indifferent to non-instrumental records, you'd be advised to skip that one. Secondly, the live recording Martin mentioned in his comment seems to no longer be available

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