Red Octopus – LSDemon (2010)

LSDemon (2010)

“Travellin’ down the long, open road of musical open-ness, Red Octopus freely structures their tunes with an inter-ordinary mold of electric, near-drowning bass and guitar, framed around lead-filled, powerfull drumming. The trio currently are uniquely stamping their trade as a surly band of psych-cultivators, while carousing carelessly in the new up-coming underground psychedelic-rock scene. Early Sabbath is surely a no-miss influence amongst Spencer(dr), Bill(b) and Gabe(gtr), however 70’s kraut rock outfit, Can, is guaranteed a taste Red Octopus uses to fancy their heavy-psych palette. They sound as if warlord legends, Hawkwind were spiritually lending inspiration, while UK kings, Budgie tends to fight through the riffs to aid in ear-splitting shredliness. Having opened for like-minded bands, Earthless and Astra, Red Octopus is genuinely a band who wants nothing other than to perform live and nothing short of slowing down.”


E.X.P. – Tricocereus Peruvianis Sessions (2005)

Tricocereus Peruvianis Sessions (2005)

“E.X.P. formed in 1997. The band received considerable critical acclaim on the heavy psych scene throughout Europe, USA and Latin America. The sound of the band is characterised by raw compositions, the typically r’n’r explosive potential of which is taken to an extreme before being blasted apart by heavy doses of electricity (fuzzzzz!) and analogical electronics (synthesisers, theremin, etc.). The sound wall produced by the incredible volume of the amplifiers and the impact of Luca Tanzini’s video work which pulsates behind the band during performances, make the concerts by E.X.P. a truly on the edge experience for all those who still believe that r’n’r is simply a question of stereotypes.”

Two Suns – Dead Sea (2010)

Dead Sea (2010)

“Two Suns is a band of purists – our music is not just a collection of rhythms, beats and melodies, but is an extension of our inner selves. Our chosen instruments are more than objects compiled of the elements – they are our tools of expression used in a manner to create an image not necessarily seen by the eyes, but an image projected into the mind by the sound of Two Suns…”

The Re-Stoned

“The Moscow-based instrumental power-trio THE RE-STONED is usually associated with the local “stoner rock” scene, not because their music can only be appreciated by inveterate weedeaters but because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden 70’s style. Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Vladimir Nikulin (bass) and Andrei Pankratov (drums) leans on a combination of bluesy guitar-drenched textures and spacy, almost psychedelic jam-meandering trips, but the most important thing is their great skill at creating melodies so that you get really caught without any vocal hooks. This one is a great thing, whether you are “stoned”, “re-stoned” or not. Riffing is the essential of each song, but the band are not shredders of the simple boogie rock power of raw. Classic rock, blues-rock, traditional doom and stoner enthusiasts, and everyone else who appreciates original and challenging hard-rock music will like THE RE-STONED…”

Vermel (2010)

Analog (2011)

Re-Session (2012)

Plasma (2012)


Brian Ellis Group

“Brian Ellis is a multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, CA, best known for his work as lead guitarist in the psych/prog band ASTRA. Having very little time for a proper rehearsal, the decision was made to play completely improvised sets, heavily influenced by early 70s fusion from Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams, Soft Machine and Magma, the afro beat rhythms of Nigerian legends Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, as well as the intensity of heavy modern jam bands like Earthless and Acid Mothers Tempel. The result is a unique, forward-thinking blending of sounds that is virtually unheard of from modern bands, paying homage to it’s influences while never being derivative.”

Live at the Tin Can Alehouse (2011)

Live at the Casbah (2011)


Magical Unicellular Music

“Magical Unicellular Music Of Solntsetsvety appeared as a result of a successful experiment, during which Solntsetsvety (transcontinental artistic group) decided to try and transfer the qualities of the mechanical beat to the entire band. Turned out that music, thus devoid of structure and theme attains special expressiveness. Because of the ever-changing perception of the musicians and the audience this outwardly monotonous music has an inward development. The band is formed by bass-guitar, guitar, drums, radiotuner, sometimes keyboard synthesizer is added. The foundation of the V.O.M. sound is the resonance that appears in the course of interaction of intensified sound of guitars and special method of playing drums.”

Inconceivable (2009)

Kampuchea, My Kampuchea (2009)