Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw – Night Gallery (2011)

Night Gallery (2011)

“It’s certainly good music with nothing that wouldn’t theoretically appeal to all outré rock fans. It was recorded completely live, with no overdubs, in one 45-minute session at the University of Texas after the two acts became best buddies during the course of the SXSW Festival. So, it has that rawness that can make many a jam session as electrifying on disc as it would have been when witnessed live. There are delicious swathes of fuzzed-out electric guitars, the kind of unending riff-meets-solo that has become somewhat de facto on the modern-day psych scene. Eternal Tapestry favor a twin-guitar attack, with Nick Bindeman and the appropriately moniker-ed Dewey Mahood Wah segueing in and out of each other’s solos, taking it in turn to try and dazzle with the distorted strings of their axes.”

Over-Gain Optimal Death – Over-Gain Optimal Death (2008)

Over-Gain Optimal Death (2008)

“Over-Gain Optimal Death, or OGOD, are a heavy psych power trio from Pasadena, California. Playing blown-out overgaining speed-freak-outs, their sound is enveloped in a total nihilist fuzz atmosphere, mating intoxicating pulsing repetition with hyperactive improvisations and out of body guitar solos. Resurrecting US 60s punk and acid-riffage from the likes of Blue Cheer, the Stooges, MC5 and live Hendrix Experience, OGOD also draws greatly on the in-the-red sound aesthetic and high energy of the Japanese Speed Freak trios of the 80s/90s: High Rise, Mainliner, Musica Transonic. OGOD are quickly rising as one of the heaviest psych bands of the U.S.”

The Cosmic Dead

“The Cosmic Dead is a new, amazing, experimental and cosmic psych/space/kraut/drone rock collective from Glasgow, Scotland. These guys have been playing together actively since early 2010 and their first actual album was released on tape in May. This really mind-blowing tape has four tracks and is 80 minutes long, so be prepared for long, trippy jams…”

Psychonaut (2011)

The Cosmic Dead (2011)

The Exalted King (2012)

Live at the Note (2013)

Inner Sanctum (2013)


Squadra Omega

“Squadra Omega is an Italian psychedelic free-form jam band that knows how to bend your ears. It is The Grateful Dead, Sun Ra and Coltrane all rolled together in one night of all joy and dread abandoned. This is some of the best free improvisation you will find in avant jazz and rock. There’s a lot of 70s jam rock influence but they interact and mix their influences together totally 21st century.”

Rennes le Chateau (2008)

Tenebroso (2008)

Live at Outside Inside (2010)

Cherokee Mist – Anthem of the Moon (1997)

Anthem of the Moon (1997)

“Here the band drops the compositional pretense and just gets down to business with a non-stop guitar oriented attack. Like most English bands in the style, Cherokee Mist have a clear idea of style and dynamics, so it’s not a blistering overload of the senses that makes one nauseous in 10 minutes. It’s easy to listen to, and yet there are many fiery jams to behold…”