Midnite Snake – Midnite Snake (2004)

Midnite Snake (2004)

“Riding the brink of the stoned rock revolution skates the new heroes of thee electric guitar mayhem, Midnite Snake. Bearded and dirty, Midnite Snake is a Pittsburgh power trio that plays instrumental acid rock until death does part. Members are Alexei Plotnicov electric guitar, Jim Lingo electric bass, Paul Quattrone (Modey Lemon greatness) drums and Fog Hog on electric fog.”

The Psycheground Group – Psycheground (1970)

Psycheground (1970)

“A sweet psychedelic set, but one with very mysterious origins — originally recorded as a sound library session, by a group that was really the better-known Nuova Idea! The album’s definitely got a vibe that fits its sound library roots — all instrumental, with a bit less bravado than most psyche albums of this type — almost more of a focus on the rhythms, which stretch out strongly amidst the Hammond and guitar solos on the set…”