Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno

“Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno is one of many offshoots/permutations of Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.. Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno differs from the Melting Paraiso U.F.O. not only in line-up but also in style of music. The Cosmic Inferno generally plays much heavier, hard-rock inspired psychedelia, and experiments more with effects pedals…”

Anthem of the Space (2005)

Demons from Nipples (2005)

Just Another Band from the Cosmic Inferno (2005)

IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno (2005)

Starless and Bible Black Sabbath (2005)

Ominous from the Cosmic Inferno (2007)

Journey into the Cosmic Inferno (2008)

Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Outer Space (2008)

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO

“Acid Mothers Temple is a completely freak out japanese neo-hippie tribe led by the guitarist Malato Kawabata (partially known for previous works published at the end of the 1970s). The band were formed in 1996 under the name Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O (Underground Freak Out). They started their career playing perpetual psychedelic jams very closed to Amon Duul II and Gong at their most gorgeous spacey rock moments… Each album contains its special dose of “acid” musical fantasies, including lot of fuzzy guitars, “stoned” vocals, droning synthscapes and some futurist Eastern raga sounds…”

Acid Mothers Temple and the Melting Paraiso UFO (1997)

Pataphisical Freak Out MU!! (1999)

Univers Zen ou de Zero a Zero (2002)

Electric Heavyland (2002)

Myth of the Love Electrique (2006)

Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars (2007)

Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo (2007)

Glorify Astrological Martyrdom (2008)

Interstellar Guru and Zero (2008)

Recurring Dream and Apocalypse of Darkness (2008)

Dark Side of the Black Moon What Planet Are We On (2009)

Pink Lady Lemonade – You’re From Inner Space (2011)

The Great Society Mind Destroyers

“Great Society Mind Destroyers is a band out of Chicago consisting of heavy pysch Temple Lurkers. Dip into some exceptional manna of fuzz and wahwah gardens while you continue higher journeys. As the band states: As bodies we mimic the ancients and dance at the fire of ruinous civilization. As minds we realize our oneness with the Divine Void and strive to destroy the barriers that prevent us from the perpetual mystic plane…”

The Transcendental Sounds of the Buddha Smile and the Naked Consciousness (2010)

Spirit Smoke (2011)


Pyrior – Oceanus Procellarum (2010)

Oceanus Procellarum (2010)

“Pyrior started during the year 2008 as a musician’s community dedicated to jam-sessions. This jam-sessions result in a trio of a classic rock formation, Torsten Bass, Max Appeal – Guitar and Olin – Drums. The music of Pyrior is a round mix of stoner rock and heavy psychedellic rock in a cosmic haze. It burns like a Pulsar and floats in an atmospheric space.”


El Diablo – El Diablo (1999)

El Diablo (1999)

“El Diablo is a Mexican band which started playing hardcore, and then some psychedelic rock, they were inspired by bands such as PINK FLOYD,GURU GURU and TANGERINE DREAM to mention a few, they started making improvisations, and most of their early songs are instrumentals, with an obvious GONG influence and psychedelic sound… Their first self-titled album and the only one with a label is great, we can hear some Psychedelic rock and some symphonic passages with some great space effects…”

Tribe of Cro

“TRIBE OF CRO formed in the mid 1990s consisting of Belgian and British members. They are pioneers of instrumental jamming space rock music with an experimental attitude when working in lots of tricky electronics as well as stoner and krautrock elements here and there. The use of dual guitars all over is caring for a lush sound… Every live performance differs which confirms the joy of improvisation…”

Potlatch (1996)

Sporadic Spiro-Gyra (1996)

Hydroculture (1998)

Virtual Vinyl (2007)


“Formed in Astrakhan, Russian Federation band VESPERO (ex-Веспер) began in early 2003 as all instrumental quartet of bassist/keyboardist Arkady Fedotov, violinist Valentin Rulev, percussionist/drummer Ivan Fedotov, and guitarist Alexander Kuzovlev who were brought together by common interest in spontaneous improvisations and psychedelic-fueled music… In 2004-2006, VESPERO gradually shifted away from the acid-jamming and kraut-rock style to embrace a more prog-rock oriented approach to music drawing inspiration from the avant-garde poetry and theatre-art…”

Rito (2007)

Foam (2008)

Liventure 19 (2008)

Surpassing All Kings (2009)

By the Waters of Tomorrow (2010)

Liventure 21 (2010)

Subkraut U-Boats Willkommen Hier (2012)



“Known among local instrumental music lovers for a great deal of improvisation in their live shows, the concept behind the band is never make the same composition twice and try to do something different every time the trio get together… band tries to explore prog-rock territories while routing the map of late-60s and early-70s psychodelia by using decrepit vintage musical equipment… all recorded live-in-the-studio with no overdubs… This young band could easily turn into one of the greatest space-kraut-prog-psyche outfits you’ve probably never heard of…”

Bubbles, Bubbles (2007)

Kleti Quatro (2011)