“Taking their name from the heaviest cloud found on our home planet, Mammatus harness instruments and amplifiers with the brave intent of transforming the natural beauty and massive fury that lies in the earth into acoustic energy. Using crude, self taught methods of instrumentation, they bang away for long periods of time employing ridiculously heavy riffs paired with harrowing widdly wah your face off guitar wankery, brain bending electric noodling, and ogre-esque drum bashing…”

Mammatus (2006)

The Coast Explodes (2007)

The Atomic Bitchwax

“The Atomic Bitchwax are a rock/jam band formed in a basement during the mid 90s by then 25 year olds Chris Kosnik of Atlantic records “Godspeed” and Ed Mundell of A&M records “Monster Magnet” from Long Branch, New Jersey. The bands first two albums, I and II, had a heavy psychedelic sound with roughly half of their songs containing only minimal vocals and the rest were instrumental… Their music is a combination of 60s psychedelic rock, and 70s riff rock filtered though the progressive rock influences of today…”

The Atomic Bitchwax (1999)

The Local Fuzz (2011)

Musica Transonic – Hard Rock Transonic (2002)

Hard Rock Transonic (2002)

“MUSICA TRANSONIC were formed by three ardent, impressing individualities under Japanese psychedelic rock scene – Asahito NANJOH (bass; ex-High Rise), Makoto KAWABATA (guitar; ex-Acid Mothers Temple), and Tatsuya YOSHIDA (drums; ex-Ruins) – as an improvised, free-styled psychedelic progressive rock outfit in 1995. They have very unique style that each player produces heavy, loud, confusing psychedelia based on simple riffs with insistence on musical attitude and with support of the others, simultaneously…”

Jesus With Me – Jesus With Me (2002)

Jesus With Me (2002)

“Somewhere in the late 90’s 4 Russians met in NYC and formed this jam group for the higher spirit, following the road and/or spirits of Amon Düül I, Faust, High Rise, Keiji Haino and Ya Ho Wha 13. And the music indeed has the mad fuzz, bass, noise wall psychedelic extremeness of some Japanese psych (Acid Temple, High Rise, White Heaven, some of Haino’s groups), and some spiritual musical breakthrough with the music focus of YaHoWha 13, some slightly chaotic trippy patterns of Amon Düül I, mixed with an improvisational focus of the more advanced experimental Kraut in general. The guitars are penetrating in its improvising towards the infinite, with fuzz noise that keeps up the trippy effect, while the bass is almost swimming while moving-mountains-wise, with the drum in a freeformed slamming mania…”

The Heads

“In the early 90’s, in a back street garage somewhere in Bristol, Simon, Hugo, Wayne and founding member Dave Spencer would jam for hours and then retire to Simons house for tea and a ‘chat’ until we could barely communicate. These were happy days and we really didn’t give a fuck about anything other than getting in that garage, away from the scum outside, and turning those amps up to 11…”

Sessions (2000)

Sessions 02 (2002)

33 (2005)

Dead in the Water (2005)

Irrepressible Heads (2008)

Bedlam (2008)

Tilburg (2008)

Enten – Eller (2012)

Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1 (2012)

Khmury – Live in Avant (2010)

Live in Avant (2010)

“Instrumental set than soon yields to a decelerating passage than recalls the Twin Peaks theme, deliberately or not, lightly enough that it owns the musical passage but also with enough atmosphere to put you straight into the surreal headspace of Lynch’s pine forests complete with a chilly tension… swirl, pummel, soar and pound past in a pretty triumphant mix of post-rock and a range of harder stuff that feels good to bang your head into… sound of an overdriven amp and the most guttural Sabbath worshipping punishment capable of being dealt out by the band, with more of that savage lead guitar work crawling and scrawling across it’s face… hyperblast cosmic carnage, taking in some classic rock riffs, fills and some bad-ass basslines, all captured crystal clear off the desk and synched to perfection..”

Comets on Fire

“Comets on Fire are psychedelic rock band that have a heavy emphasis on the ‘rock’ part of the equation… At this point they sounded like noisy proto-metal, heavily influenced by The Stooges, MC5, Black Sabbath, and Hawkwind… Their music is very jam based and loose but it rarely meanders and gets boring. They also use the echoplex frequently, adding to their spacey sound. Any fans of space rock, especially Hawkwind and Acid Mothers Temple, should give Comets on Fire a try. Those who want some trippy prog rock, but with a powerful drive and sludgy riffs should also apply…”

Jams (2004)

Bong Voyage (2004)

Blue Cathedral (2004)

Black Cassette (2005)