Category: psychedelic rock

Melting Euphoria – Upon The Solar Winds (1995)

“It’s less known about this band although MELTING EUPHORIA is often considered as one of the space rock flagships. Formed in San Francisco by keyboardist Don Falcone, England-native Anthony ‘Forti’ Budziszewski (bass) and Mychael Merrill (drums) they started with the album ‘Through The Strands Of Time’ (1994) – avant-garde oriented, forced by spacey synthesizer and tribal drumming… MELTING EUPHORIA moved on with guitarist DeFM and new keyboard/synthesizer collaborators evolving the psych/space fundament. At an interval of one year they released album for album and improved their significant style based on a melodic cosmic trippy sound enriched with a lot of synthesizer goodies.”

Ahkmed – Distance (2009)

“As a three-piece outfit by John-Paul ‘Popey’ Caligiuri (drums, voices), Carlo Iacovino (guitars), and Dan McNamara (bass), AHKMED were born in Melbourne, Australia in 1998. With the special mission to spread their fuzzy and swirling space rock over the world, they got influenced by diverse heavy-psych styles and bands – Space Rock (Hawkwind), Heavy/Stoner Metal (Kyuss, Black Sabbath), Post Rock (Mogwai), Garage Punk (The Stooges, Hellacopters), Alternative Rock (Fu Manchu), etc. – and tried to push their original mellow and ambient soundscapes in front of the foundation. Exploring their capabilities through releasing 3 EPs and a compilation, they at last came into bloom with the debut album ‘Distance’ in 2009.”


35007 – Liquid (2002)

“Going by the enigmatic code name 35007 (“loose” spelled upside down), Dutch musicians Mark Sponselee (guitar, bass, drums, synths, effects), Bertus Fridael (guitar), Michel Boekhoudt (bass), and Sander Evers (drums) perform ambient trance-groove music of a predominantly instrumental design. Secretive by nature, the group rarely performs live, and when it does, it’s usually with the help of a visual specialist to provide a truly multimedia and multi-sensory experience.”


Secret Saucer – Element 115 (2005)

“SECRET SAUCER is an idea to bring like minded musicians together to play improvised space rock in a studio setting. The band is build up by members of several US psych/space groups like QUARKSPACE, STAR NATION and SUN MACHINE. Steve Taylor and Steve Hayes had already toured with Nik Turner and Daevid Allen… Even though it sounds like well thought-out song compositions the music is purely improvised coupled with some slight krautrock leanings. SECRET SAUCER surely appeals to fans who prefer the psychedelic phase of Porcupine Tree or like to listen to bands with hypnotic moves like Hawkwind, Gong, Man, Oresund Space Collective and Ozric Tentacles.”

My Sleeping Karma – My Sleeping Karma (2006)

“Hailing from the Aschaffenburg region in Germany MY SLEEPING KARMA started in 2005 as a side-project of the stoner rock band ‘The Great Escape’. Some day Seppi (guitar), Steffen (drums) and Matte (bass) started to jam together. In order to style their music more psychedelic keyboarder Norman joined at the end of the year and the line-up was completed thereafter. Soon they had worked out some songs based on the idea to create something which chills and rocks at once… blend of psychedelic, space, stoner and post-rock… MY SLEEPING KARMA are recommended because representing a relatively new and unique facet of the psych/space prog genre.”


Causa Sui – Summer Sessions Vol. 2 (2009)

“This is free music – all written, shaped, played and produced by the band during 9 months of isolation. Imagine the furious haze of manic Hendrix and Blue Cheer jamming with a young Iggy Pop, recorded and seamlessly layered by krautrockers Can. It’s untamed music picked up from the late 60s, not looking back at zeitgeists and other limitations, picking up different trails on the way, wrapped in a complex, but soundwise warm and simple jacket.”

Sea Of Tombs – Sea Of Tombs (2001)

“Sea Of Tombs features Earthless drummer Mario Rubalcaba (also of Clikatat Ikatowi and Rocket From The Crypt) and delivers a similiar but more primitive version of heavy, sludgy acid-rock… Raw, murky blues-based heavy rock mutated into a rumbling hypno-trance, glazed with unreal amounts of bass and murky fuzz, usually locked into a plodding propulsive dirge that never speeds up all that much and which contributes to the hypnotic brain-haze that these cats administer. Check this out if yer into the heavy, sludgy psych-drug dirges of Earthless, Mammatus, Dead Meadow, and Ahkmed.”