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Fleetwood Mac – Jams 1968-1970 (2013)

Selection of jams by English blues rock band Fleetwood Mac:

01 – Instrumental
02 – The Madge Sessions #1
03 – Searching For Madge
04 – Fighting For Madge
05 – The Green Manalishi
06 – Rattlesnake Shake
07 – The Green Manalishi
08 – Coming Your Way

01 – Rattlesnake Shake
02 – The Green Manalishi
03 – Rattlesnake Shake
04 – Encore Jam
05 – Coming Your Way
06 – On We Jam

Ampacity – Encounter One (2013)

“Ampacity is a musical collective, dedicated to exploring the regions of regressive rock, with stoner and space vibes… The project was formed as a one-time act, supposed to perform songs from the golden age of space rock, on Spacefest festival. However, this formula was quickly abandoned, and Ampacity started to operate as a regular band. Intensive work on their own material resulted in compositions, which rediscover sounds from early Hawkwind or Pink Floyd albums, mixing them with post and stoner rock influences. Shorter, song-like arrangements give way to monumental, rich forms, which do not lack space for free improvisation.”


Flowers Must Die – III (2013)

“These elevating sonic adventures could be compared to the sonic idioms of groups MY BROTHER THE WIND and maybe more rustic incarnations of GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA and THE SPACIOUS MIND, but the diversity and imagination utilized on the explorations within the frame of neo-classic psych music straits allow them their own identifiable sound, setting the group out of the conventional clone bands. This Swedish underground acid rock also certainly expand the impressionistic boundaries of musical expression from conventional sound structures to the heights of hallucinogenic progressive territories and reaching escape velocity for the planes of Space Rock and beyond.”