Fleetwood Mac – Jams 1968-1970 (2013)

Selection of jams by English blues rock band Fleetwood Mac:

01 – Instrumental
02 – The Madge Sessions #1
03 – Searching For Madge
04 – Fighting For Madge
05 – The Green Manalishi
06 – Rattlesnake Shake
07 – The Green Manalishi
08 – Coming Your Way

01 – Rattlesnake Shake
02 – The Green Manalishi
03 – Rattlesnake Shake
04 – Encore Jam
05 – Coming Your Way
06 – On We Jam

9 Replies to “Fleetwood Mac – Jams 1968-1970 (2013)”

  1. Me again… thank you man!!!

    I came back to share your "Black Bombaim" page with a friend (because they're freakin' siiiiiick!!)… always down for more Earthless!!

    So thank you very much dude, that was much appreciated!!

    Rock. The. Fuck. On.

  2. s much as I love getting gone and jamming to forever songs that never end, it's another thing to listen to stoned out musicians going at it as well. and as much as I love Peter Green he is so much better when he's playing in a, dare I say, structured psychedelic tune…every lick counts, every note saturated with Greeny emotion and incredible taste…like on Then Play On…a psychedelic masterpiece…but this is very cool too..Fleetwood Mac Blues band and Greeny really had nothing to prove, but kids, drugs can be a real bad thing for some you..

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