9 Replies to “Atomic Simao – Nōdo (2013)”

  1. Gorgous. Like a trip in a psychedelic time bubble, back to the days of adventure and musical explorations 🙂

  2. My friend, you've put up many fantastic albums for our enjoyment, for which many thanks and long may you continue, but this gem has to be one of the finest albums i've heard in a long long time. Truly stunning, it brings many diverse elements to play into a unique whole. Any more from this fine crew or is this just a momentous one-off? Thank you again.

  3. I have to disagree with apparently everyone on this. I found the bass playing to be extremely dull and uninspired, with an almost total lack of chemistry between bass and guitar. It's like they are both trying to pull the jams in their own direction, but without enough conviction to create any creative tension, and without listening to each other much. Half-arsed would be the Australian term for this, if you listen beyond the trippy gloss. Overall nice sound, but as band improvs, aimless twaddle that rarely catches fire (and I can do without the falling back on tiresomely repeated Hendrix riffs – some more originality please!). Sorry to be so harsh, but I wouldn't speak my truth so rawly unless i felt the need to counter the hyperbole with some balanced criticism. Now, Insider on the other hand – those guys are jamming TOGETHER and listening to each other, even if they too fall back on the same Hendrix riff at one point. (I say all this as an experienced improviser myself, not as an armchair critic.)

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