Author: earthless

Expo Seventy – Totality Wormhole (2023)

“Expo ’70 is Justin Wright. He began producing this otherworldly music in 2003 while living in Los Angeles. Residing in Kansas City, Missouri now, Wright produces music that is sought after by people all over the world. Wright has toured extensively over the last decade. More recently Wright has added a drummer and bassist to the mix which has started release albums and touring as Expo Seventy.”


Carlton Melton – Resemble Ensemble (2023)

“‘Resemble Ensemble’ is the eighth studio effort from Californian psych outfit Carlton Melton. Expanding to a four-piece with the addition of White Manna’s Anthony Taibi, the band sound even more energised and ambitious than even 2022’s magnificent ‘Microwavelengths’ – the eleven-minute psych-raga opus ‘Prescribed Skies’ sets the tone for a kosmische odyssey.”


Heavy Blanket – Moon Is (2023)

“J Mascis is back with his legendary instrumental psych project Heavy Blanket! Heavy Blanket’s debut LP was a mind blowing showcase of J’s psychedelic guitar work, and the follow up live LP with Earthless’ rhythm section as the backing band was the next step in Heavy Blanket’s journey. Over the years J has been stashing away his heaviest riffs for this project and he finally got the chance to head into the studio, backed once again by the original mysterious Heavy Blanket rhythm section. This time he also brought in his Witch bandmates Dave Sweetapple and Graham Clise for an extra dose of heavy.”


London Odense Ensemble – Jaiyede Sessions Vol. 2 (2023)

“The second instalment from London Odense Ensemble digs deeper into the group’s vision of what modern psychedelic jazz should sound like. Cut from the same sessions as Jaiyede Sessions vol. 1, released last summer, vol. 2 presents a more nuanced approach to the material. On this set the ensemble focuses on shorter, layered pieces – travelling from deep spiritual jazz grooves to gorgeous free-flowing minimalism to full-on acid jazz. There’s echo-drenched flutes being absorbed into layers of analog synth pads and guitars, bossa beats and double bass sequences merging with electronics. It’s an intoxicating mélange of sounds and styles, spanning wide temporal and geographical distances.”

Korb & EHAA – From the Mountains to the Oceans (2022)

“‘From the Mountains to the Oceans’ is the culmination of collaborative experimental transatlantic jams between Korb and El Hombre Al Agua. From minimal atmospheric ambience to all out psych rock the album combines a range of analogue synths, electric and acoustic guitars, organ, bass, drums and percussion to create cosmic journeys that evoke evolution and ancient landscapes, the alchemy of elements and timeless tectonics.”


Kanaan – Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine (2022)

“Minimalism, contemporary psychedelia and ecstatic acid jams is what constitutes the musical landscape which Kanaan and Håvard are voyaging through. Ersland contributes with otherworldly synthesizers, acoustic piano and his signature cranked Hammond organ. Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine documents spontaneity and fertile creativity in a meeting between an open minded, cutting edge and explosive rock band and one of Norway’s most interesting keyboard players.”


Acid Rooster – Ad Astra (2022)

“Ad Astra was recorded live in july 2020 in Acid Roosters private garden with a field recorder in front of a small audience of friends during the lockdown in the middle of the corona pandemic. The two long jams were the opening an the closing track of a completely improvised concert and are a spontanious snapshot of ACID ROOSTERS approach of free floating psychedelic music.”


Action & Tension & Space – Tellus (2022)

“The band describe themselves as a spaced out, instrumental loungerock outfit, with added vibes of folk music, jazzy surf, psychedelia, free improvised chill-out, jangly post-rock and travelling bass. Not much for us to add here, apart from possibly a pinch of krautrock. “Tellus” is the quartet’s fourth album, and their debut on Rune Grammofon… With “Tellus” ATS heads into the Hardangervidda (the big plains connecting the eastern and western parts of southern Norway) terrain of wide open spaces, spare vegetation and unruly weather conditions, especially during the winter. The album was recorded in a small studio in Haugesund during two days of heavy rain showers and stormy winds rumbling outside the windows.”