Kanaan – Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine (2022)

“Minimalism, contemporary psychedelia and ecstatic acid jams is what constitutes the musical landscape which Kanaan and HÃ¥vard are voyaging through. Ersland contributes with otherworldly synthesizers, acoustic piano and his signature cranked Hammond organ. Diversions Vol. 1: Softly Through Sunshine documents spontaneity and fertile creativity in a meeting between an open minded, cutting edge and explosive rock band and one of Norway’s most interesting keyboard players.”


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  1. The sound of psych at the leading edge, Kanaan just knows how to do it.
    With a funky, beepy, sci-fi intro leading off Voyaging, this is another expert edition of jazz-colored psych jams bolstered by truly amazing drumming. From hyper-psych to downtempo and back again, it’s a master-class of studio skill, instrumental prowess and the ability to blend a plethora of sounds into an abstract swirl of harmony that I don’t think many other bands can execute.

    Standout tracks: Voyaging and Immanence

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