Spook – Spook (2022)

“SPOOK – Dutch for GHOST – is a brand new trio by Simon Segers (De Beren Gieren, Black Flower) on drums, Nicolas Rombouts (Ottla, Dez Mona) on double bass and Filip Wauters (The Wodads, BackBack) on pedal steel and guitar. What started in the summer of 2019 as a one-off meeting has now grown into a fully-fledged collective that breaks the boundaries between improv and composition with intense interplay and sparse themes. The prominent presence of the pedal steel gives SPOOK an allure of “free country” or “post western”. Add some pulsating progrock rhythms and the free spirit and virtuosity of jazz and you capture the unique sound of SPOOK.”


4 Replies to “Spook – Spook (2022)”

  1. Thrilled to see this thing spotlighted!
    A friend-of-a-friend turned me on to Spook earlier this month. Been listening to nothing but, ever since!
    The three players specialize in improv jazz. Something tells me there are absolute *gems* in their record collections, things precious few modern jazz artists of any stripe seem to have been influenced by.

    My new #1 album of 2022.

  2. Bardo Pond is a band that continues to create and release reliably high quality heavy heady psychedelic dronegaze that really just fills a room and captivates with deep mood and atmosphere, thanks for the share, love these guys!

  3. Meant to post my comment on the Bardo Pond post, not this one, whoops. This album is also great too. What’s important that the comments have been submitted haha

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