10 Years

Today marks a very special day for this place. 10 years ago on January 7 I submitted my first post dedicated to Earthless. This is not a coincidence because they were the band that introduced me to the world of psychedelic jamming and embarked me on the journey of discovering similar music, music that I’m still fascinated with 10 years later. Thanks for staying with Trippy Jam for so long and hoping to see you for even longer. Cheers!

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  1. Happy anniversary Earthless! This blog has been an incredible resource for me and I don’t know what I’d do without it, I appreciate everything you do here so much, as well as everyone else in the community for sharing so much incredible music. To many more!

  2. Happy Anniversary! It’s unbelievable how long you have kept this blog alive. I think I discovered you in 2012, and you quickly became one of my favourites. Thank you so much for all the music over the years! I hope you keep at it for a long time to come. Also shout-out to the brilliant Shoutbox community, it is the best I have encountered ever!

  3. Can’t remember exactly how long I’ve been lurking/contributing/loving this community…but def since 2011 if not 2010. I’ve been here through the dry years where only the chatbox was active (and still WELL WORTH IT!)… this is my #1 source for the music I love. How the hell Puke/PWinks and everyone else FINDS some of things they find, still blows my mind, ten years in. Here’s to 10 more!

  4. I can still remember the day I discovered this blog…and I bought a new 1TB hard drive & downloaded every. single. track. (Wish I still had that drive, long ago gone to HD Heaven…)

    And thanks for this community. All these like-minded (“similarly-eared”?) folks I’ve found here are an absolute bonus to the fantastic music.

  5. Thanks so much for keeping this alive Earthless! I started slow probably around 2013-14 with just stuff I knew about and gradually realized that there was a damn good reason you posted everything on your site. I expanded my horizons and because of this treasure trove of sharing and I have been able to share with others who now think I am some kind of know-it-all about space rock and trippy fucking jams. I mean I’m not hiding where I find stuff, but most people don’t want to make the effort to go past spotify or pandora.
    Much love to you and all the good folks sharing in the cbox.

  6. Happy Anniversary! 10 years is a massive accomplishment! Stumbling onto Trippy Jam while searching for Earthless releases was a revelation, and a gift. Sending you huge thanks for the amazing music (AND the effort that goes into sticking with it) and utmost appreciation for the wonderful community you helped develop. Here’s to Earthless & Trippy Jam, bringing joy and friendship to a world where those things seem to have been forgotten. Cheers!

  7. Happy 10th to my favorite blog and thanks Earthless for keeping this going through all obstacles ! Thanks to all here for enriching me turning me ON and helping keep my sanity !

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