4 Replies to “International Harvester – Skördetider (Harvest Times) (1968)”

  1. That one i was missing. Sounds like Pärson Sound ?! that’s all i need to hear. Thank you very much for exposing it around.

  2. Frankly feel stupid missing this for so long, “Sov Gott Rose-Marie” is just Outstanding as a whole, this album can’t be labeled easily as it contains a wide range of musical influences. listening to the first (short) 7 songs will not help you guess the outcome of the last 7… things actually start to get ‘surreal’ & brain-melting after the “Summer song” , at that point it reminded me of Siloah for some reason.. But the last track “Harvest Times” will lead you straight to the 7th floor especially if you’re a cannabis enthusiast ; Man… such a haunting Jam!
    Thank U very much for sharing, very appreciated entry.

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