Pärson Sound – Pärson Sound (1968)

“Before to become TRÄD, GRÄS OCH STENAR, this late 60’s Swedish musical collective were first known under the name PÄRSON SOUND and then as INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER. They only published one album with the original formation. This band can easily define the Sweden’s krautrock sound. Not so far from ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD and CHARLIE & ESDSOR… A brilliant psych album with buzzing drone-ragas and cavernous free rock improvisations.”

4 Replies to “Pärson Sound – Pärson Sound (1968)”

  1. Thank you so much! I've been wanting to check this band out for a while. Only a few tracks in so far, and I can't believe how ahead of their time they were.

  2. Woah… You have no idea how this band influenced me as a musician, my improvisation abilities reached unexpected levels of awesomeness just by listening to this band.

    Thanks, seriously.

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