Pyramidion – Hail! Pyramidion! (2010)

Hail! Pyramidion! (2010)

“Five headed druid jam band from glasgow the portal to your cosmic place is rainbow bionic man… these guys are total rockers. Its difficult to know exactly what there gonna sound like cus its all jammed out, but expect music along the lines of acid fried fuzz drenched psych and krautrock boogie… Glasgow’s answer to the likes of Ash Ra Temple and Amon Duul II, made up of various heavy hitters in the Scottish experimental scene with members of Boom Edan, Moon Unit, Scrim, Cheer, Lanterns. Expect tantric vibrations, whale calls and a thunderous rhythm section through some full on psych explorations. A rare chance to catch this supergroup in full effect jaja…”

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  1. Ебись – зашибись, а я грешным делом подумала, что это Yes – Open Your Eyes — 1997. Ну ни куя себе, пацаны долбят джем…

  2. Well I can't disagree with (or even comprehend) anon's comment above. This is great stuff. I bet none of this lot were even born when 'Hinten' was recorded – it must be in the genes.

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