Ra Can Row – Ra Can Row (1982)

Ra Can Row (1982)

“An instrumental band from the USA that predates the space-rock boom of the early 90ies. Built around guitars, throbbing bass lines and a solid drum drive, moog synths and electronics, enrich with a spatial feel four lengthy improvised spacerock jams, strongly reminding the experimental side of DJAM KARET. Through most of the album RA CAN ROW move from rhythmic space jams to slow moving, multi-layered, out-there rock. Absolutely mindblowing music from start to finish.”

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  1. Wow!! I really thought I was one of the very few people in the world to have heard of this record. I have the pristine vinyl wich I originally dubbed to tape; then about 15 years ago I made it into a CD. I've had phone conversations with Don Schott – the leader of Ra Can Row, as AFAIK there have never been any plans to officially release this on CD. The lack of bonus tracks on this upload leads me to believe it did not come from any reissue.

    But great to see this – what an outstanding blog.

  2. Like you, I bought this on vinyl, must have been about the time it was released. Used to love finding stuff like this in obscure record shops back in those days. Haven't heard it for years due to lack of a turntable, so this is very welcome.

  3. >

    Don Schott
    November 20th, 2012
    My wife sent this info to me today. Glad to see some people out there still care. I, as producer of this project, especially intend to see the project into the CD format soon (as I have been saying for about 7 years now) and a buddy in Greece would like to release it over there on 180 gram. I still have some vinyl. No jackets. Every once in a while I am amused by seeing it on ebay for big bux.
    I am currently involved in surf music instrumental stuff.. It is melodic, experimental, has wonderful rhythm and great drum lines like this kind of stuff. It has been keeping me young (and broke) and I have been spending more and more time at home working on my guitar playing. Still playing bass but that eight string is currently disabled as well as the 4 string fretless. I have been playing mostly 5 string fretless now.
    Still producing music, I have a surf project called DON’T FEAR the REVERB and two others called : GRATEFUL SURF, and SURFING TIKI BANDITS.
When I cut this album, I put “surfin’ on mars” in the run out grove. Yes , I was also the disk mastering engineer on this LP.
    I have several CDs that I have produced and some on my label. Though this year has been rough as two of my label mates have passed away. Frank Lynch (blues man, harmonica player ) and Geoffrey Berne (Bluegrass player and impresario )
    I still see Steve occasionally and talk with Rick once a year or so. We did some work with Frank which will probably never see the light of day. I have not seen Paul for many years but have heard he had a stoke and the genius he once was is now a lost soul. Very sad.
    Inspirations for this project were Heldon,Can and Pink Floyd among many others. Thanks to you folks, (and I have just heard that a major progressive rock festival is on its last leg ) this kind of invention and musical direction is still standing bravely the test of time.

    free huh?? When it does come out on CD, it will be on CD BABY. It will have bonus tracks as well as re mixes of the two longer tracks and also all the original mixes. I also have a solo CD available called LET'S GO PLAY OUTSIDE on the EYE RECORDS label. It has a cover that was initially a postcard included in the LP. I can be located at http://www.donschott.com

  4. Just fuckin awesome! deff thee precursor to all modern improv space rock bands, oresund space collective comes to mind: listen to things beyond our control then listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQPEC55U2dI. so many parallels, tones,riffs, leads, synth. man would love so much to see a 180g of this!!! if this ever happens post here or the shout. I bet im not the only one who frequents this blog who'd snatch that up in a second. thanks again earthless got ome time off this holiday and promess to comment!

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