Yawning Balch – Volume One (2023)

“Bob Balch here. In November of 2022 I went out to Joshua Tree for a day of jamming with the guys in Yawning Man with the intention of calling it “Yawning Balch.” No riffs were planned. We just plugged in and played. The only discussion beforehand was that Gary Arce and I wanted to mess with tons of guitar pedals. I knew that while we were jamming it sounded great, but it wasn’t until I got home and listened to it all that I realized we had something special. It’s hard to believe that we jammed for five hours and got two full length LPs and then some out of it. Every player killed it on these recordings and I’m beyond grateful to have my name involved with this legendary band. Fingers crossed they invite me back out annually for more jam sessions. I hope you enjoy these jams and please use responsibly.”


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  1. Yawning Man meets Bob Balch of Fu Manchu for some pedal-heavy psych rock, emphasis on desert vibes and long jams.. As a guitar noob, pedals were tricky to pick out altho delay was prominent on Cemetery Glitter. I will say the fadeouts on tracks one & two felt odd but with 5hrs of continuous jamming I suppose it makes sense. Fans of YM will definitely enjoy this.

    Standout: Dreaming With Eyes Open

  2. Well … it does just hit the right notes for me. Sounds good, enjoyable and somehow relaxing 🙂

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