Kanoi & KRPL – Geierspeis (2023)

“”Geierspeis” is a musical aviary where birds of a feather flock together with cosmic vibrations. Let the harmonies lift your spirits, the rhythms set your wings in motion, and the melodies guide you through the vast expanse of space. So spread your wings, join the chorus, and embark on an unforgettable feathered voyage with “Geierspeis” by Kanoi & KRPL. It’s a beak-tastic experience you won’t want to miss!”


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  1. I don’t really get the bird reference from the music BUT i do get deep psych vibes from beginning to end. Fuzzy and rumbling with a stout desert-rock resonance, the first 4 tracks pulse with power and volume. Closer Not Enough Darkness is the outlier: a dulcet, reverb-washed trip into wide-open sky, rinsed in wind-tones and picked-strings. Heavy, heady stuff with a nice, soft finish.

    Standout: Der Kokosnussjongleuse

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