Edena Gardens – Agar (2023)

“Multi-instrumentalist Martin Rude, Papir guitarist Nicklas Sørensen and Causa Sui drummer Jakob Skøtt form the Danish supergroup Edena Gardens. Following hot on the heels of their eponymous debut is second album ‘Agar’ (as well as a live album, ‘Live Momentum’) that opens up their artistry to cosmic new vistas. The freaky, stoner-folk epic centrepiece ‘Veil’ holds together a diverse blend of improvisational psychedelia, free jazz noodling and alternative rock anthems.”

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  1. So much impressive output from these guys in a short period, it’s hard to judge it all open-mindedly. This is a remarkable progression from their self-titled effort a year ago. So relaxed, so spacious, so commanding, just really good stuff. Do yourself a favor and take a headphone trip with this album.

    Standout: The Veil (but don’t sleep on Sombra Del Mar)

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