Edena Gardens – Edena Gardens (2022)

“Whereas Causa Sui & Papir have always excelled at blistering panoramic and often sundrenched sounds, Edena Gardens take a dive inwards and downwards rather than outwards. But there’s also an electrically charged extatic rawness to the dealings. Like Æther, the 10 minute opener’s 2 guitars-and-a-drum kit improv, finding it’s way from tumbling drones into monolithic slow riffage. Elsewhere, we find trails of electronic vapors, misfiring bursts of noise and slow drones stretched out. Edena Gardens is a thing to be experienced first hand – it’s not for everyone, but those who decide to stay are greatly rewarded. It’s a debut unlike any other record on El Paraiso, perhaps unlike any you’ve ever heard. Welcome to Edena Gardens.”

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  1. This is mellow, like dreamy mellow, and in all the good ways that can be interpreted. Keeping that in mind, this sits squarely in the center of the Venn diagram where Causa Sui and Papir overlap, imagining their most chill recordings. The soothing strum of echoing guitars atop the head-bobbing beat of steady drums blending with spacey atmospherics (Sliding Under & Now Here Nowhere) mark the more upbeat tracks, with closer An T-Eilean Dubh as most uptempo. that said, it’s very relaxing.

    Standout track: Now Here Nowhere

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