Carlton Melton – Microwavelengths (2022)

“Recorded after the band’s mostly ambient Hidden Lights EP and a year before the next proper full-length Mind Minerals, the fellas got together for a smoldering Northern California jam session… The results of that rock and roll heatwave can now be heard on Microwavelengths, a 5-track excursion into free form psych, hazy drones, and all out fuzz freakouts that sound as if Hendrix’ Experience were hipped to Krautrock in some kind time/space conundrum before Krautrock was a thing.”


2 Replies to “Carlton Melton – Microwavelengths (2022)”

  1. Not quite what I had anticipated when they teased it in the previous pages review, but still pretty good.
    A bit schizophrenic, track to track. Energetic stuff, then mellow and back around again until the lengthy closer, Microwavelengths. That one’s worth the price of admission.

    If you like Carlton Melton’s mellower psych jams, check this out if only for Hazel Heat and the title track.
    I’m gonna go back and check out the HIDDEN LIGHTS EP

  2. Listening to the first cut off Microwavelengths, Lions Roar, and it is jaw droppingly great. I’m not a big fan of the band but I stumbled upon this wonderful album and was blown away. This is some seriously good music. If you like Hendrix and krautrock, you’ll love this stunning album. Two thumbs up for Carlton Melton, and the band has one new fan.

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