Smote – Drommon (2021)

“Summoned from the murkier reaches of the subconscious and summoning a powerful aura of twilight communion, Smote’s ‘Drommon’ is here to intimidate and enchant. The first Rocket release for this enigmatic Newcastle-based entity is no less than a mystically-aligned voyage into abandon and epiphany…Replete with doom-laden atmospherics and crepuscular intensity, this is an intimidating denouement to return to time and again. Join the ritual, and submit to ‘Drommon’.”


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  1. Holy zoney-droney-baloney…
    This has repetition on repeat with hints of world-music psych that Goat does so well. Meditative drumming, mystical flutations, humming organ sounds and the big hollow echo that makes it all seem so colossal. Great drone-psych for sure!

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