Skog Under Jord – Skog Under Jord (2017)

“The debut of Skog Under Jord is a hidden gem in the contemporary underground rock scene. The prog / psych of the Swedes is based on pure jamming character, with amazing flow and development and fiery changes. The typical dark melodiousness of the Nordic prog of the 70s reigns in both epics that make up this amazing album.”

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  1. Skog Prog! Several things to note here: Funky Hammond-drenched 70’s era prog, Two long Nordic-vibed jams – one slightly more uptempo & Influences that point to bands like Agusa and Moon Duo. This is dripping with classic style and has all the chops of modern jazz-schooled musicians… a real ‘now’ interpretation of some ‘then’ righteousness!

    Standout track: Side 2 – Under Låga Moln (En Vindlande Väg Genom Hemliga Riken)

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