4 Replies to “Snakecharm – Mandala (2014)”

  1. There’s so much of this that I REALLY like: spacey post-rock, compositions that travel, dreaminess, mood… but the honking trumpet? I can’t take it seriously. There are moments where the trumpet player is actually ‘playing’ but the tooting and burping that make up the majority of his issuances essentially overwhelm everything good here. A nod for effort… but the trumpet is just rough.

    Standout track (for me b/c there’s not a ton of trumpet): boneless

  2. I apologize, I had the wrong track noted above:

    Standout track (for me b/c there’s not a ton of trumpet): gathering I

  3. I totally agree with shawnzee, this is almost an instant favorite and I’ll probably keep trying with it, but sometimes a little restraint really improves the end product. I love electric Miles Davis like earthless cited and this tickled my ear in that direction but Miles knew how to lay out and when to add emphasis.

  4. I have to admit that I feared for the worst when I read the comments above because I’m really not a fan of wind instruments in rock music. Especially the use of saxophone has ruined, or lessened, my enjoyment of many albums or live shows. Here however, the trumpet really complements the rest of the music for the most part and I’m enjoying this quite a bit.

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