Dope Purple – Grateful End (2019)

“Cosmic psychedelic noise rock from Taipei underground. Formed in 2016, Dope Purple channel influences from hard rock, noise and psychedelia with a particular emphasis on sounds from the Japanese underground, into a sweat-drenched, earsplitting, cosmic guitar explosion.”

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  1. Great share! I’ve been listening to this one a lot recently, and it really is just wicked good. A must listen I’d say, I’m glad recently it’s been getting much needed recognition, it’s a rager.

  2. I hear terms like ‘freakout’, ‘noise’ and ‘experimental’ for bands like Dope Purple, and while they are easy to use, it seems they may be slightly off target. Of course this smacks of AMT energy and Hibushibire sonics, but the lo-fi aesthetic of this recording and the slower moments give this an intimate feel that isn’t typically present in other acid psych. As I typed that last sentence, New Man came on and my review feels completely undermined… but I stand by everything up to that. Feels like you’re there in a basement club watching these guys crush it live. Great stuff.

    Standout (for me): Track 3. 人類最後的一天

    And here’s a bandcamp link:

  3. Love the atmosphere of this one. Favorite Track 我的邪惡 My Evilness.
    (Forgot to identify myself on that comment)

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