Between – And the Waters Opened (1973)

“Peter Michael HAMEL founded BETWEEN, an international band specialised in improvisational / « ethnic » rock music. The name Between comes from the fact that Hamel’s music is originaly “in-between”, always making a combination between “popular music” and “serious music”… “And the waters openened” recorded in 1973 carries on improvisations and acoustic exploration, played in a rather “spacey” rock atmosphere, sometimes closed to krautrock, weird flavour.”

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  1. This is a challenging one to pin down: inspirational mood music formed by the fusion of orchestral AND psychedelic compositions? Positive minimalistic ragas doused in jazzy classical psychedelia? Regardless of description, in 1973 the band Between laid some down unique and uplifting music built on the concept of creating between genres, and the result was something very close to harmonized enlightenment. File this Between Ascendant and Creative…

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