Earthless – Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky (2007)

“The psychedelic sound of EARTHLESS from California, San Diego, has two faces: a free improvisational trio in style of early ASH RA TEMPEL and live jammings of CREAM, and a heavy stoner riffings is style of BLACK SABBATH and BUDGIE. This sound is borne from efforts of guitarist Isaiah Mitchell, bass player Mike Eginton and drummer Mario Rubalcaba. In their free improvisations the rhythm section keeps the time and marks changes of modal themes for the fuzzy guitar doing both cosmic explorations and heavy stoner riff construction works. If you like vintage psychedelia or heavy stoner rock, preferrably both, this group blends these elements in a professional manner.”


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  1. This band! Blatantly mind-melting.
    You sir! A fine individual.
    Me! One grateful little pig.

  2. These guys are the absolute best performing this type of music today. Love everything they have done. Thanks for sharing all this great music!

  3. thanks for the update! I was missing the late split…
    for those unware there is an early split with Danava and Lecherous Gaze from 2011…

    Enjoy this amazing band

  4. Man I love this blog! Have downloaded loads over the past year, and yes I do buy the stuff I like, but only getting around to showing my appreciation now, sorry. Keep up the good work for it is greatly appreciated.

  5. I finally got around to listening to Earthless and find out why you chose your nym. Excellent choice!

  6. Earthless I am about to launch a radio show with a format which this entire blog represents. It will be a 4-5 hour show. Please reach me as soon as you can. I want to also release compilations with all these bands on them through my new record label. Thank you !!!

  7. A truly awsome band – I had a chance to see them supporting Russian Circles in London about 3 yrs ago…fantastic- Mario Rubalcaba's one high-performance drummer!

  8. I got turned on to Earthless about 5 years ago, absolutely cool, to say the least. Great thanks for this blog, great stuff here, very fortunate for us that you put this up – immense thanks!!

  9. Due to personal reasons I missed out on a decade of these superb music. Now I am catching up. Feels like a trip to Venus and back….Long live stoner and don't forget to Sleep!

  10. Thanks a lot; I think there is a problem with the timing tracks with Live at Roadburn (2008)cd 1; 1. Blue/From The Ages is 56:05 both Amazon and Wikipedia but my download is 47:33. Where is the true ? :)…

  11. Just saw Earthless in a boiling hot (for the UK) in London with The Atomic Bitchwax (who played an impressively heavy version of Pink Floyd's "Pigs").

    Earthless were smokin' and Mike Egington says there's a new album ready to drop in October.


  12. Thank you for sharing theese albums. I'm finding some bands i did'nt heard before.
    Congrats for your great blog.
    Greetings from Uruguay

  13. Sonic prayer on love at the casbah is mesmerizing track, especially if your doing some deep space gazing!

    Cherry red by the groundhogs seems to be one that earthless dp a perfect rendition of elsewhere, but on this release..not so much.
    Mario rubalcaba is a dark horse. His earlier punk leanings and more current collaborative efforts with kieth morris on OFF! are quite surprising.

    Like the site my friend 10/10!

  14. only heard one song and loved it, will listen to all the tracks in time. first heard the jam with heavy blanket and was blown into space. thanks for making.

  15. Man awesome post! however you missed the split with Danava and Lecherous Gaze: Woman with the evil eyes :).

  16. Motherdust – "1500". Official debut album now also on CD!!

    Get this extraordinary psychedelic/blues/space rock release on Bandcamp or directly from the band at All distros, mailorders and shops which would like to add this item to their range are welcome to get in touch! There are also promotional copies for reviewers available. Tune in and start your trippy journey into another time…

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