Psilocibina – Psilocibina (2018)

“The debut release of Brazilian trio Psilocibina captivates the audience. This is more than interesting stuff for friends of the “good old school” of 70s Rock, as well as for connoisseurs of experimental sounds. The band skilfully fuses urban sound structures with sounds of the South American vibes, seemingly with the slightest lightness and you’ll never miss the pure joy of music. These musicians know exactly what they are doing, as the balance between playful melodies and omission is ingenious. No wonder it’s hardly noticeable that Psilocibina function completely without singing.”


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  1. A groovy dose of Instrumental 70’s Blues-Rock with a righteous Allman influence.
    This debut charges in uptempo & radiant with beaming Acid melodies and shimmers of their South American style, keeping this classic sound fresh and fun. Each song gets you swaying and passes you off to the next jam. Definitely worth the trip. Standout track: Psilocibina

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