The Myrrors – Solar Collector (2013)

“With little attention to singing, Tucson’s The Myrrors instead focus on a unique brand of desert rock where atmosphere and experimentalism are both psyche and prog-rock fueled. Each track here winds its own distinct and complicated path, from droning and muted to bursts of jazz fusion and all with a haunting, mysterious backdrop. The band are never in a hurry to get anywhere, instead focusing on manipulating each moment before moving into other unpredictable realms.”


7 Replies to “The Myrrors – Solar Collector (2013)”

  1. Whirling Mountain Blues is a near 15 minute wah-wah guitar must hear with the bass and drums giving steady backup but the spotlight is on guitar.

  2. Thanks much! I saw these guys earlier this year at the Austin Psych Fest and they put on an amazing set!

  3. Yep, familiar with The Myrrors; love their sound despite the vocals. Hope to catch a show in London or Brighton in Nov I think?

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