Krautzone – Kosmische Rituale (2013)

“Krautzone was formed in September 2011 automatic – it just created itself totally spontaneous and autonomous: They met at the moonbase, to spend a nice time together. THE moment came and they decided to play music, so they fired the aggregates, pressed the recording button and improvised on the fly. After this session they all thought it’s like holidays from their actual bands like Electric Moon, Zone Six, The Pancakes.”


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  1. Kosmische Rituale's one incredible album,easily standing alongside anything by Cosmic joikers or Ash Ra Tempel,in my opinion! Posssibly my favorite not-Hawkwind-Ozrix-AMT-or-Gong related album oif the last couple of years… Was actually given my copy while hangin' with Dave,Lulu and Marcus after Electric Moon had played at SRS festival last year, a few days after our Sheffield show together…Lovely fols,I'm really looking forward to doing more stuff with them,Spiral Navigators' German allies and brothers in Monty Python….. πŸ˜€

  2. Love the kraut/space groove of appropriately named Krautzone. Anyone heard Spiritual Retreat? Views/opinions on it? I haven't listened to it yet.

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