Space Invaders

“SPACE INVADERS is a loose project of members originally being underway with different space and krautrock bands in Germany and Switzerland. It all started in 2009 at the Burg Herzberg Festival where session guitarist Mike Häfliger (SPACENOTE), bass player Paul Pott (ZONE SIX) as well as Dirk Bittner and Dirk Jan Müller of ELECTRIC ORANGE fame came together for some jam experiences. Diverse live gigs followed featuring guests like Mani Neumeier and Damo Suzuki.”


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  1. ExcelenT! Already got Dreadnought,and love it,thanx for the other 2!My friend Kozmik Ken first alerted me to these guys at a festival earlier in the year,also the equallly excellent Maat Lander..Who I think you'd also love…

  2. Very pleasantly surprised by gown much I enjoyed this band. Heard tracks Stardust Parts 1 and 2 last year just because Nik Turner played in their band, but that was about it. Listening to the whole 2014 album on here was a revelation. That was followed by the 2015 album Dreadnought and wow, there is consistency in the quality of sound and although I am no expert I love the mix! First 4 tracks on Dreadnought got me to that 'other place'. Thanks Earthless. Fine work again.
    UncleHarry'sLastFreakout (let's hope not)…..

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