Secret Oyster – Sea Son (1974)

“SECRET OYSTER became somewhat of a super group when members of BURNIN’RED IVANHOE, CORONARIAS DANS and HURDY GURDY formed this unit. By the end of BURNIN’ RED IVANHOE’s career (that spawned seven years), Karsten Vogel started forming a new band… Their sound recalled MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, NUCLEUS, Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi and Sextant albums as well as Miles DAVIS’s Bitches Brew.”

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  1. Shame no-one has picked up on this underrated and unappreciated combo…'fusion' has almost become a dirty word these days…true, there was a lot of crap about, but done well, the results could be mightily impressive…done badly tearing off your ears became a viable option.

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