Black Gnod – Innerspace Broadcasts Volume 3 (2012)

“What happens when you put Manchester’s shapechanging Gnod and Barcelos’s fine space-rocking Black Bombaim on the same stage? You get Black Gnod! The Cardinal managed to record this momentous event for posterity, and is now available as one long superjam as part of the Innerspace Broadcast series. Great flipback CD with 3 double sided colour inserts and enough intense sike power contained within to make you see stars!”

5 Replies to “Black Gnod – Innerspace Broadcasts Volume 3 (2012)”

  1. Thanks a bunch for this one… and the others!
    You are to me prety much the top blogspot around this days…
    Keep up the good work!

  2. We second the motion.

    Also, we will try make available to tripjam the full 40 minute jam of Refried Boogie by Canned Heat from back in the 60's when possible.

    Please also consider great jams by John Cippolina and the Quicksilver Messenger Service.

  3. This is top. Gnod have become one of the giants of current music making, and Black Bombaim is yet another new name that I'll now need to check out…

    keep up the awesome work, sir. your contributions are very highly valued in my world.

  4. New viewer here. thanks for posting this stuff. everything is fantastic! Buy I would recommend uploading stuff to Mega. faster download speeds and a lot safer. Just a tip!

    anyway solid blog you have hear. Glad to see someone is taking to time to share this wonderful music with others.

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