Edena Gardens – Dens (2023)

“Members of Papir & Causa Sui finalise Edena Gardens trilogy. True to El Paraiso fashion, Dens concludes a trilogy of albums, aptly spelling out the last third of the group’s name. And true to form, the band turns inwards rather than outwards, drawing on deep shades of ambient, slowcore, and the ghost of Mark Hollis. While maintaining their psychedelic edge, the trio weaves the lines between genres in a way that’s becoming a signature of its own. Never in a hurry, but always moving somewhere.”

2 Replies to “Edena Gardens – Dens (2023)”

  1. Nice collection to round out this trilogy – dreamier and slightly mellower with a slight lean towards jazzy pop. I can hear the ambient and slowcore tones referenced in the description but it’s uniquely Edena Gardens. Another Live set wouldn’t be out of the question.

    Standout: Sienita

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