Acid Rooster – Flowers & Dead Souls (2023)

“”Flowers and Dead Souls” is the second full-length studio album by Leipzig-based trio Acid Rooster, featuring six instrumental tracks that explore the depths of freethinking psychedelic music. From very quiet, spherical melodies to space jams and driving songs, the album contains a variety of different emotions and styles that are reminiscent of the spirit of German kraut and psych rock pioneers.”


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  1. These guys do it so good. The 2019 debut was outstanding. 2021s Irrlichter was a step further, and 2022s live Ad Astra showing something even beyond. With Flowers & Dead Souls their evolution is demonstrated in music AND musicianship. Jams have become songs, trips have become journeys and a band has become a giant. These six tracks, as one, rise quickly then gradually plateau to gracefully descend at Heaven Scent. Bravo.

    Standout: Good Mourning, but only if followed by Heaven Scent

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