Yawning Man – Long Walk of the Navajo (2023)

“Long walk of the Navajo features Gary Arce (Guitar), Bill Stinson (Drums), and the return of Billy Cordell (Bass). The Long Walk Sessions were inspired by a desert storm that hit the Joshua tree landscape that created a dark and gloomy backdrop for the bands creativity and improvisations. Blood Sand was recorded at Gary’s house by Steve Kille of Dead Meadow in Oct of 2022. It was a complete improvisation.”


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  1. Spacey, wide-open-sky desert psych. Real easy to zone out to, mellow in the best kinda way. Gotta say this is an all-around great session from a band I never paid much attention to. Thanks @earthless – another great example of time well spent.

    Standout: Respiratory Pause

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