Hazeshuttle – Hazeshuttle (2023)

“Hazeshuttle is an instrumental heavy psychedelic stoner rock band formed in 2018 in Ingolstadt, Germany. The music style contains heavy fuzz driven analog sounds with mixtures of various spaced out psychedelic guitar harmonics, deep powerful bass sections and all combined with classic rock orientated rhythmic drum grooves.”


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  1. Let’s start with the band name. Hazeshuttle: Haze in effect? Check. Shuttle sensation on point? Check.

    These hazy shuttlers throw down some riffy psychedelic stoner rock. It gets spacey at times (Way to Eden, Alpha Centauri) and definitely heavy (Homosativa, Shahrazed), there’s even some doom lurking about (Moonrocks) but it never tips too far in any direction, making for a seemingly continuous and heady experience.

    Standout: Homosativa

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