Black Holes Are Cannibals – Surfacer (2022)

“BHAC are a collective with a varying line-up and each time they record all the music is improvised as they let their collective and innate abilities guide them, but what does bind them are the touchstones of Drone and Minimalism that runs through the music they create or just plain HEAVY. Call them Drone Metal or Psychedelic it matters not as the music created is an immersive, all consuming and thought-provoking transcendental listening experience that awaits those brave enough to take the ride with BHAC.”


2 Replies to “Black Holes Are Cannibals – Surfacer (2022)”

  1. Drone Psychedelic Metal?

    Sure, if you can do it this well. (Aside from the unnecessary “vocalizations”, that is.)

    Free on BC for now — I say, pick ’em all up.

  2. Definitely drone. Maybe not so much metal… besides some metallic instrument sounds, or the hollow ‘warehousey’ feel of the TASCAM recording. Psychedelic in that this IS an aural journey. Plodding, doom-saturated ‘jams’ made to commemorate ‘pent-up emotions’, lockdown and anguish. If you’re not from around here, this is some dark, heavy stuff.

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