Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) – Flow & Heady (2020)

“Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) put forth a sound of ecstatic improvisation, each member documenting coordinate points in the higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock. The music lies somewhere near the nebulous intersection of psych, kosmische beat and spiritual jazz. These are exploratory journeys, transportive trance-based experiments in vertical listening, totally collaborative and often forming spontaneous compositions. The focus is more about feeling than any specific approach to playing. Psychic rock for the mind and body: breathe deep and grow towards that light, dig.”


2 Replies to “Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) – Flow & Heady (2020)”

  1. In my humble opinion, Jeffrey Alexander can do no wrong. He first hooked me with The Iditarod’s “The River Nektar” (1998) and I’ve been listening to “The Compleat Trancing Master” for the past several months.

    “Flow & Heady” contains exactly what’s described on the tin. Five stars.

  2. Dire Wolves is some of the absolute best for damn sure. Part of a very elite echelon of cosmic sounds that transforms that which we know and love in ways that are fresh and fascinating. Great stuff, love them.

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