Runa Gaman – Cepa (2017)

“Runa Gaman is an instrumental quartet that combines elements of psychedelia, space rock and post rock, native from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having published his first EP, entitled “Cepa” (2017) and an LP, “Runa Gaman” (2019), the band raises a trip through senses that range from the most meditative ambient, to riff explosions and heavy mantras.”


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  1. There’s a subtle 70s vibe that weaves itself in and out of this intoxicating blend of Psych/Space rock. It’s playful, and ever-so-slightly jazzy, and it shines a vintage light on the hypnotic patterns this Argentinian trio create. This is a trip waiting for a traveler and the ride is sublime.
    Standout track: ‘Duna Creciente’

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