2 Replies to “Megaritual – Temple (2017)”

  1. One of my all-time favorite psychedelic “bands”.
    I followed Dale Paul Walker (Mourning Tide, Drug Cult, toured with Sun Of Man) from his stoner leanings into this lush desert, and have never been thirsty again.

  2. Total transcendence!
    One track that sets off on a drifting, dreamy trip for 5 blissful minutes before the bottom drops out… pedals engage, amps turn up and headspace is explored via colossal space rock, evening out for another 5 or so minutes, where these hemispheres ultimately join and the mind-expanding ride mellows for the final ride, cruising on a balanced blend of rock & sky through a hazy chanting exit.
    Another exceptional reco from @earthless and @PWinks.

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