Pyramidal & Domo – Jams From The Sun (2015)

““Jams From the Sun” it’s the result of the latest live and improvised recording sessions of the two alicantinian bands Domo & Pyramidal. This split album contains the ups & downs of a psychedelic journey trought the master jamming mind, invoking the magnificient Sun till the darkness shows up.”

3 Replies to “Pyramidal & Domo – Jams From The Sun (2015)”

  1. Pyramidal’s 2011 “Dawn In Space” is still one of my favorite stone-psych-space works, and this commingling is a beauty. Thanks, @earthless!

  2. Wow! Both of these bands are new to me and both deliver some stoned-out psychedelic jams.
    Well worth some zoned-out recliner time! @Pwinks reco on Pyramidal is a big thumbs up too

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