Curanderos – Curanderos (2017)

“Formed by the improvised journeys of the formidable Bardo Pond and experimental ensemble Kohoutek, these compositions take you on a cosmic voyage through kosmiche, drone, noise, prog and free jazz. Purveyors of psychedelic rock, Bardo Pond have the outward specifications of a rock band but the rivers that converge into the band’s oneiric flow have their headwaters in the outlands of ecstatic jazz, free noise and the avant-garde.”


2 Replies to “Curanderos – Curanderos (2017)”

  1. Put the headphones on and take the trip. Another formidable cosmic ride with Bardo Pond. I love this album!

  2. Another exceptional addition to Bardo’s fabulous catalogue of side projects. No Isobel. No flute. No boredom.

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