Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions (2019)

“Capturing Elder’s expanding dynamic and ongoing progression, The Gold & Silver Sessions is an experimental LP of ranging psychedelic jams that captures their expressive and nuanced development in a way a “regular” studio release wouldn’t. This is still the band who put out 2017’s crushing “Reflections of a Floating World,” but here you’ll witness them following their imaginations in an entirely new direction.”


2 Replies to “Elder – The Gold & Silver Sessions (2019)”

  1. This one got me back into Elder. I thought Dead Roots Stirring, Lore, and Reflections of a Floating World were good but I never really went back to them over and over. Now the newest one is really building on this direction from gold and silver.
    Nice animation earthless!

  2. I was in no rush to try this album so i kept delaying it until today, guess i was wrong.. God knows what else these frequencies triggers in the human mind besides dopamine and such… Anyway, this release is a great gem in the Psych Space domain, and while it reminds me of the legendary O.S.C. to some point, it stands on the same level of awesomeness without sounding exactly alike. I can’t wait to try this (along with others) on a mountain bike outside the city walls…
    Truly splendid, Thank you very much Earthless for spotting this one, Hats off 😉

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