Ashinoa – Sinie Sinie (2019)

“Ashinoa is a krautrock dementia that fans of the genre will recognize. An artistic atavism in the footsteps of the post-Stockhausen generation, a kind of round table of geniuses Klaus Dinger (Kraftwerk, Neu!), Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Schulze (Ash Ra Tempel)… but also a kosmische musik of modern times, with a touch of electronic influences in the most experimental way.”


3 Replies to “Ashinoa – Sinie Sinie (2019)”

  1. Take it from an old Krauthead.I love this!! Just when I was thinking “where’s Damo Suzuki?” Im hit with fantastic vocal stylings ! (Heard recently that nothing matters but the lyrics—–Just kidding) Last track took me out of here!!
    Just what is needed today.

  2. First the cover grabbed my attention then the description’s first line, furthermore reading these nice testimonies within the previous comments got me convinced, now i know what i’m gonna feed my playlist with! itching to try this..
    Thank you very much once again for promoting while being very selective 😉

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