7 Replies to “Lamp of the Universe – Jams 2001-2016 (2017)”

  1. You're welcome.
    It's my handpicked collection of jams across entire discography.

  2. Awesome! Have just gone and spent £25 on Bandcamp, so blogs like this do work.

  3. That's exactly what I do with music, as well. But I take it a step further, painstakingly removing vocals from tracks that are not completely instrumental. Obviously, I'm not a music purist, but I don't care. Give me the 2 CD set I made of Quicksilver Messenger Service (with the dueling guitars of Cipollina and Duncan unfettered by a vocalist) over any authorized release. Just long completely instrumental jams.

    Thoroughly enjoyed your Lamp of the Universe. And I only lightly edited it 😉

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