3rd Ear Experience

“3RD EAR EXPERIENCE is a new genuine space rock band recording musical improvisations in a little studio situated out in the highlands of Joshua Tree/Mojave Desert, just where some of the members live… Three days of free form jams led on to the self-released debut album ‘Peacock Black’ which is comprised of four extended tracks. At times being courageously experimental they abandoned formal arrangements and allowed the music to flow in a cosmic sonic dialogue between fellow musicians and stargazers. The result is summing up trance-like and groovy excursions, Kosmische Musik in the Berlin School vein as well as dramatic and otherwordly moments…”

Peacock Black (2013)

Incredible Good Fortune (2014)


8 Replies to “3rd Ear Experience”

  1. Another quality band that slipped by
    just listening to Incredible Good Fortune at the moment
    must say it's very, very good
    will have to see what's available to buy
    This place has cost me a fortune just lately 😀

  2. Amazing band! Their concept-album "Boi" is excellent,as well,a nicely realised sci-fi concept shot through with Mahavishnu-esque virtuosity ,funkadelic grooves and nice chunky Hawk-
    stylee riffage… Not heard "Stones of a Feather " yet,but I intend to check it very soon….

  3. Disagree with Kozmik about Boi. It is much more a vocally oriented recording than either of these, and doesn't really fit into my perception of a 'jam' album.

  4. I'd be on Scott's side and think Boi is atleast much more vocal "heavy" than all their other albums.
    BUT, Stones of a feather have an amazing jam version of Space Tripping that is from Boi, its 20 minutes compared to the closer to 8 minutes version on Boi.
    Amazing band anyway. 🙂 One of my favorites.

  5. Yeah,Boi's a much more trad space-prog concept album,vocally driven as most such are… I love that they can do both so well… 😀

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