Joy – Joy (2012)

“Joy is the newest, loudest tune meltin’ power-trio-trip band to come screaming outta Southern California. Since their formation in 2010 Zachary Oakley (vox, g), Trevor Mast (b), and Taylor Charter (dr) have dialed in a spaced-out-sonic-groove-ride all their own. Their live shows conjure musical spirits of the past in the form of improv-jams and unapologetic volumes and wild stage energy. Fans of Blue Cheer, Cream, Jimi, acid and freestyle-psych take note.”


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  1. I saw them open for Earthless a year ago and I was immediately hooked…seen them half a dozen times since..most recently opening for Radio Moscow on new years eve

  2. hey earthless, thanks for all the great music. really appreciate it, especially since you are one of the "last men standing" of music bloggers. keep up the good work!

  3. Really enjoyed the earlier albums, but this new Bootleg vol.2
    on first listen totally hits the sweet spot…they seem to have tightened up as a unit yet still remain loose and powerful. Thanks again Earthless, keep up the superb work.

  4. This stuff is the shit! Also, Its actually Paul Marrone, the drummer from Radio Moscow, Cosmic Wheels and Psicomagia that plays drums on the all the bootleg recordings and live stuff!!

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